Club Superdraw


We now have a Multiscreen Members' Superdraw every Thursday night with a minimum jackpot amount of $5000. Members have up to 2 chances to win each Thursday. The jackpot increases by $600 per week if not won. We are one of 6 Clubs involved in the Multiscreen Superdraw.

Each Thursday evening at the designated times for each MultiScreen-SuperDraw (currently 7.15pm and 8pm if not won earlier), a Lucky Club draw will be conducted by MultiScreen in the Control Room to determine the club to conduct the next MultiScreen-SuperDraw.

Once the Lucky Club has been drawn the MultiScreen-SuperDraw will be open to all qualified financial members of that club with the requirement that to claim the prize when the winning membership number is drawn, the winning member must be physically present on the licensed premises of the club at the time of the Draw. Additionally, the winning member must notify any of the club personnel involved in the draw, within 4 minutes of the winning number being drawn, that they are present and are claiming the prize.

Members will be ineligible to enter the Draw and claim the prize if they are not on the licensed premises of the hosting club at the time of the Draw.

It is the responsibility of members to ensure that they aware of the results of the draw as soon as it occurs and they are able to claim the prize within the 4 minutes claim period.

For full Terms and Conditons click here. Trade permit No. LPTS/18/21429